Welcome to Nyheim Lodge

Nyheim Lodge is an English summer villa located in Gjøra, built in 1905 by the Crookschank family. The villa is a part of the English period in Sunndalen. At Nyheim Lodge you will get to know about more than 100 years of unique history of tourism and cultural treasures in Gjøra. The lodge is set in a scenic landscape.


Open from 20 June to 11 August.

Open in the weekends  from 16 August to 28 September upon request. Please contact us for reservation.

6 July to 11 August: Thursday to Sunday.
17 August to 31 August: Saturday and Sunday.

Sesongåpning er 21. juni 2017

Nyheim Lodge, Fjellgardsvegen 24 på Gjøra ligger 700 meter fra riksveg 70.
Du kan ta kontakt med oss på telefon (+47) 916 89 702 eller post@nyheimlodge.no

The excellent salmon fishing in Driva resulted in a historical centennial in Sunndal called the English period. Anglers from the English upper classes (named salmon lords) built summer villas in Sunndalen due to the salmon fishing. The English period is over, but Nyheim has preserved its authentic character, both interior and exterior, thus providing an exciting encounter with the history of the villa.

Nyheim Lodge, Fjellgardsvegen 24
Gjøra in Sunndalen

(+47) 916 89 702
Nyheim Lodge is located at Gjøra in Sunndalen. Nyheim Lodge is located 700 metres from RV (riksvei) 70. You take RV70 at Sunndalsporten/ Gjøra kapell, follow road 314 until you arrive at Nyheim Lodge.