Hva skjer på Nyheim Lodge?

Nature and cultural experiences

Nyheim Lodge is surrounded by the towering mountains Trollheimen and Dovrefjell, the latter the home of the impressive muskox. You have ready access to the mountains if you want to, either on foot from Nyheim Lodge or by car, driving a bit along mountain roads before hiking. There are many hiking opportunities with marked trails in spectacular surroundings. You can enjoy scenic walks close to the lodge. You may relax in a serene tranquil environment in a beautiful landscape or discover a vibrant cultural history at the lodge.

The excellent salmon fishing in Driva resulted in a historical centennial in Sunndal called the English period (from mid 1860s until mid -1960s). Anglers from the English upper classes (named salmon lords) spent their summer holidays in Sunndalen due to the salmon fishing. Read more about the English period in Sunndalen here. 

The river Driva flows though the valley, there are innumerable waterfalls and brooks, no wonder that Sunndalen is called “The Valley rich in waterfalls”.

Other destinations. Approx. 2-3 hours drive from Nyheim lodge takes you to known attractions such as Trollstigen, Ålesund, Molde, Atlanterhavsveien, Kristiansund, Trondheim, and Røros (the latter on UNESCO World Heritage). See visitnorway.com.

Surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature

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